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Ventiltation Management

The bottom line of ventilation is: good air in, bad air out.








Ventilation plays an integral part in the supply of fresh air to a working environment. Ventilation in the working environment is discussed under the sections for Indoor Air Quality and Local Extraction Ventilation and in this section the primary focus will be on Mine Ventilation Systems.

The mining environment poses unique challenges to the health and safety of workers and underground ventilation plays an integral part in the control of these hazards. Underground mine ventilation supplies a constant flow of air through the mine and is utilised to provide fresh air for breathing purposes, but also for the dilution and removal of dust, diesel exhaust fumes, ionising radiation, gases and heat that is created during the underground mining activities.

InDuna Risk Management is capable of planning, implementing and managing the underground ventilation requirements of the mine ventilation systems.
Planning of the underground ventilation system requires that the short-term and long-term planning phases take into consideration the mine design and mining methods to ensure that the underground working environment is free from risk to employees and that the future ventilation requirements for any developments can be accommodated, thereby reducing the risk that production increases can be hampered due to the lack of sufficient underground ventilation supply.

The implementation of the ventilation design is facilitated through a hands-on approach with active participation from the ventilation specialist in the day-to-day development of the mine by providing guidance to the development team in matters related to the ventilation requirements of the project.

Once the planning and implementation phases of the project has reached completion, the day-to-day management of the ventilation system is maintained by a team of on-site ventilation specialists that monitor the underground mining conditions through regular assessments and by introducing changes in the underground ventilation system based on additional planning to ensure optimal utilisation of the available ventilated air, and ultimately implementing expansions based on the long-term planning requirements identified during the initial phase of the mining project.

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