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The Benefits Of First Aid Training In The Workplace

There are four main benefits first aid training in a work environment.


First aid programs allow your company to modify training to your workplace, current risk management strategy, financial ability, and industry in which you function.

For example, a first aid program for a large office will vary from a program for a construction firm. Implementing your own first aid and CPR training means you can ensure the program is up-to-date, effective, and focused on the requirements of your business.


The chief expense when opting for first aid training is the right company and training course. The number of sessions and participants is determined entirely on your workplace size and amount of employees.

In order to cut costs, many businesses will designate a few employees on a floor or within a sector to receive the training.


First aid and CPR training also has everyday benefits, including:

All employees become more safety conscious, helping reduce the number of accidents.

First aid and CPR saves lives, particularly where there are serious injuries and it is vital that immediate action is taken. Training offers critical knowledge and confidence to efficiently manage an emergency situation without fear or confusion.

First aid learners know precisely what’s in their first aid kits, how to use the contents, and the numerous ways to react in an emergency. In a helpful way, it makes each worker an unofficial health and safety risk manager.

Staff members learn how to perform CPR, bandage injuries, and control blood flow – critical aids for emergencies anywhere, not just the office. Investing in you staff also invests in our society.
Providing first aid and CPR training is cost effective and will go a long way to ensuring workplace health and safety.

Induna Risk Management

At Induna we have a shared vision of promoting safety, health and environmental awareness in an ethical and moral manner to the industries that we serve. Visit our website today and let us put together custom first aid courses, risk management options & many more services for your corporation.

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