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Mining Sector: Legal Compliance

Do you fall under the Mining Sector and have no idea what you need to have in place to be legally compliant?

Not to worry! InDuna makes it easy!

The legal aspect:

If you don't know this yet, the most important thing to know is that the Mining Sector is regulated by the Mine Health and Safety Act 1996 (Act No. 29 of 1996) (also known as the MHS Act), which is enforced by the Department Mineral Resources (DMR).

Ok, so what do I have to do?

If your company hasn't done any previous monitoring:
  • The first step is to conduct a Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (Safety hazards) and a Baseline Health Risk Assessment (Health hazards);
  • From here, an Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Programme is developed and implemented based on the outcome of the BHRA;
  • The OHS monitoring programme will include the following aspects:
    Physical Stressors
    Area Noise (Noise Zoning) & Personal Noise Monitoring
    Vibration Exposure Monitoring
    Thermal Stress (Heat and Cold) Exposure Monitoring
    Illuminance Monitoring in the Workplace
    Non-Ionising Radiation
    Ionising Radiation
    Ergonomic Assessments
    Indoor Air Quality Assessments
    Local Extraction Ventilation (LEV) Assessments
    Mine Ventilation
    Chemical Stressors
    Hazardous Chemical Substance Monitoring
    Silica Quartz Exposure Monitoring
    Mine Health & Safety Act - Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Programme
    Mine Health & Safety Act - Engineering Dust Sampling
    Biological Stressors
    Cell Cultures
    Human Endoparasites
  • Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual DMR statutory reports on Airborne Pollutants, Thermals stressors and Noise are submitted to the DMR;
  • The Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Health Risk Assessment are updated on an annual basis to evaluate whether the HIRA and BHRA still reflect representative conditions. The HIRA and BHRA are reviewed if there have been changes in the system(s), procedures, operations or any incidents or accidents since the intial HIRA and BHRA.

How am I supposed to do all this!?

InDuna Risk Management offers all services relating to the requirements listed above.

Contact us for a representative to come out and visit your site to provide you with a quotation to conduct the necessary assessments and monitoring - whether your needs are project based or on a quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly or daily basis - we can help you and take the worry out of complying.

We also supply the instrumentation required to conduct the aforesaid monitoring. Call us for a quote!

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