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About Us
The name “InDuna” comes from the isiZulu language meaning Advisor.

At InDuna Risk Management, our goal is to be the trusted advisor to our clients with regard to their Safety, Health and Environmental Legal compliance requirements.

We are committed to identifying the risks associated with the client’s specific operational activities by implementing a Risk Management Programme with key outcomes that mitigates the specific hazards that could adversely affect the client as well as their employees and other affected parties’ interests. Thus limiting the legal liabilities that clients may be challenged with in their day-to-day operations.

The InDuna Risk Management Team, through 19 years’ experience in the Industrial and Mining sectors of Southern Africa, identified a need from clients for a multipronged approach and guidance under the prescribed legal operating environments of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act), Mine Health and Safety Act (MHS Act), National Environmental Management Act (NEM Act), as well as the ISO 14000 Environmental Management and ISO 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Systems, to conduct compliance monitoring with the assistance of one consulting firm looking after the clients’ respective needs.

At InDuna Risk Management, we conduct the prescribed compliance monitoring and physical exposure assessments in-house or utilise the services of an industry specialist where certain legal functions have to be performed by a SANAS Accredited Inspection Body to ensure that our clients meet the guidelines set out by the relative pieces of legislation and quality systems applicable to their operation.
We are committed to rendering a quality service at a competitive price.


InDuna Risk Management’s vision is to be the trusted advisor to our clients, as one of the industry leaders in safety, occupational health and environmental compliance issues. Through the development and implementation of management strategies aimed at limiting the client’s exposure to risk, ultimately resulting in the increased productivity and profitability of the organisation.


We have a shared vision of promoting safety, health and environmental awareness in an ethical and moral manner to the industries that we serve.
We strive for excellence in everything we do by supporting each member and performing effectively as a team.
We show passion in our pursuit of objectives and clearly communicate our goals so that we can further the client’s vision and mission.

Our legal compliance monitoring services include:

Other services include:



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