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Three Areas of Concern with Occupational Hygiene

Every working environment comes with its own set of risks and dangers to employees, clients, materials and equipment, though where safety is concerned, it is that of your personnel that should be adhered to most closely. Accidents or ailments will not only lower the quality of their lives, but will cost your facility money in downtime and claims. Occupational hygiene problems are often the biggest culprit of this, and always concerns three main areas of stressors.

Physical Stressors

Physical stressors are those factors present in the environment that present a danger to personnel health, and while present in every working environment, may vary from scene to scene. Consider for instance factories with consistently loud noises, they present risks to workers’ hearing. Then there is exposure to vibrations, thermal (hot and cold) stressors, radiation, and air-quality. Each of these needs to be carefully monitored and controlled wherever they are present in a working environment.

In order to cut costs, many businesses will designate a few employees on a floor or within a sector to receive the training.

Chemical Stressors

Chemical stressors are generally native to factory and industrial settings. Here hazardous chemicals need to be carefully monitored, as well as the equipment used to process, use and handle them. Asbestos and lead make up some of the more concerning chemicals, but are by no means the only ones to worry about. In confined or mining settings where corrosive materials or chemicals are used, ventilation and safety becomes an even greater concern.

Biological Stressors

Biological stressors are as evident as they are in small offices and homes as they are in factories, mines and plants. And in every environment, they pose a risk to human health. Micro-organisms, pathogens, cell-cultures and human-endo-parasites need to be carefully managed with thorough hygiene control, no matter what type of working environment they are present in.

Induna Risk Management

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